August 10, 2016: Dog Market Day!

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sunset dog market day!august 10th, 2016

Yes, that is right – We are celebrating our fine furry pets on August 10th 2016. Bring your Pooch to the Sunset Market on August 10, 2016.

We are going to have all the usual vendors selling fruit, vegetables, art, crafts and jewelry PLUS new vendors who are specifically there for the dogs! Treats, dog services, and a training workshop.

Here are a few guidelines & information to make sure this dog market day runs smoothly:


-Please make sure you keep your dog on leash at all times

-Clean any messes your dog may make while walking around Clutesi Haven Marina

-There will be water stations around the market for your dogs convenience

-Training workshops are still to be determined – please stay posted on workshop times and types

-Please consider the health of your pet and others, vaccines should be up to date and sick dogs should stay at home

-Please be aware of the safety of your dog and others if your dog gets anxious or aggressive in crowds or around other dogs. Attach a red or orange piece of fabric to your leach or dogs collar to notify others of their potential behavior

** If you are interested in becoming a vendor for this event or have an questions please email Genevieve at

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