August 10, 2016: Dog Market Day!

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sunset dog market day!august 10th, 2016

Yes, that is right – We are celebrating our fine furry pets on August 10th 2016. Bring your Pooch to the Sunset Market on August 10, 2016.

We are going to have all the usual vendors selling fruit, vegetables, art, crafts and jewelry PLUS new vendors who are specifically there for the dogs! Treats, dog services, and a training workshop.

Here are a few guidelines & information to make sure this dog market day runs smoothly:


-Please make sure you keep your dog on leash at all times

-Clean any messes your dog may make while walking around Clutesi Haven Marina

-There will be water stations around the market for your dogs convenience

-Training workshops are still to be determined – please stay posted on workshop times and types

-Please consider the health of your pet and others, vaccines should be up to date and sick dogs should stay at home

-Please be aware of the safety of your dog and others if your dog gets anxious or aggressive in crowds or around other dogs. Attach a red or orange piece of fabric to your leach or dogs collar to notify others of their potential behavior

** If you are interested in becoming a vendor for this event or have an questions please email Genevieve at


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PORT ALBERNI – For the 2017 summer season, Sunset Market is back to Victoria Quay!

Sunset Market is expected to start on Wednesday June 21st at 6:00pm. Victoria Quay offers an awesome community atmosphere, magical sun sets and wildlife viewing along the Somass River.

Sunset Market at Victoria Quay Growth

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Sunset Market is continuing to grow! To build off the previous success we are looking for more crafters & artisans, sweet treat vendors, food vendors (local produce, granola, salsa, hummus, etc), and community tables to register. We are also looking for local talented Musicians, Community Partners & Sponsors. Register now to be included in the new Sunset Market pamphlet for the season!

We are also so humbled to be  listed as a finalist in the Tourism & Hosptiality category for the Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce Excellence awards hosted at the Italian Hall on Friday April 24th, 2015.

How it all began:

In July of 2013, Jolleen Dick got the OK to move forward with her vision of having a night market along the waterfront of Victoria Quay in cooperation with the Alberni Chamber and Hupacasath First Nation. With only a month to plan, Jolleen gathered vendors of all sorts and live entertainment to be a part of the inaugural event on August 14th 2013 and again the next two following Wednesdays.

On track for growth in 20Shopping 314 the Sunset Market adopted a new logo shaped as a sunset in the form of shopping ready for a new full season continuing on Wednesdays for ten nights. In 2014, the market had a total of 62 vendors pass through the market with an average of 35 vendors attending each night. The growth of the market has to do with the large amount of community support. Each vendor, resident and visitor attending makes this event a true success.

What makes Sunset Market different is its unique location on the T’suuma as River (Somass River) appealing to those passing by and those who choose the Victoria Quay as their evening stroll. Sunset Market presents a gorgeous backdrop of a sunset as the entertainment for the evening winds down to pack up and go home.  What’s even more special is the opportunity to watch all the activity happening on the river.  One might observe black bears wondering along the shoreline with eagles watching the salmon in the river from above. With a variety of vendors from hot food to sweet treats, clothing, jewelry art and more, the market is appealing to a diverse range of shoppers. The Sunset Market truly offers an exceptional shopping experience for summer Wednesday evening’s in the Alberni Valley.

For a successful 2015, we are looking for local vendors and community tables to register. Additionally, we want to find local talented Musicians, Community Partners & Sponsors.

More information:

Jolleen Dick


Sunset Market aiming to offer a Farm Fresh component

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Sunset Market is well on its way for this summer’s Wednesday evenings starting June 24th and ending September 2nd.

This year the market is looking for interested farmers to sell produce to offer a Farm Fresh component at the evening market.  It’s the one thing that is missing from the experience. The goal is to provide another opportunity for locals and visitors to support the agriculture in the Alberni Valley.  We hope we can gather enough interest and support to offer fresh produce to those who work weekends or those who can’t make it out to the farms during the week.

Currently the market is offering a pre-sale for vendors until March 2nd at 5pm. All registrants should apply before then to take advantage of the discount offered.

2015 Sunset Market

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We’re back and ready for another full season of Sunset Markets!We are looking for a committed crew to launch a farm stand at Sunset Market! Please call me to express your interest, and lets make it happen!! Jolleen Dick  250-731-9876

Take advantage of the low price and secure your spot for this years market:

PRE-SALE on NOW until

11 nights for the price of 9!

$165.38   (157.50 + 7.88 GST) – Regular price

$141.75   (135.00 + 6.75 GST) – Membership price (Chamber or YPAV)

Regular price for the Season AFTER March 2nd

We are open for 11 nights instead of 10 this year, so the price has increased by one night.

$202.10 (11 nights at $17.50/night +5%) -> Regular Price   (you save $28.90 by registering for them all rather than paying nightly)

$173.25 (11 nights at $15.00/night + 5%) – > Chamber of Commerce & Young Professionals of the Alberni Valley Membership

$21/night($20/night + 5%) – Nightly drop-in

2014 Sunset Market at Victoria Quay

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Sunset Market at Victoria Quay is coming up close!

The Sunset Market is back this summer for a total of ten nights at the Victoria Quay alongside the boardwalk. The market continues to run on Wednesday nights between 6pm and 9pm starting on June 25th running until August 27th.

The Sunset Market at the Victoria Quay is a partnership between the ALBERNI VALLEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and HUPACASATH FIRST NATION. The market began in August 2013 running successfully for three nights.

The Sunset Market is collaborating with local businesses to achieve another successful year.  The Victoria Quay location is a most desirable venue as it has the ability to attract residents, visitors and people travelling through en-route to other destinations. The vendors vary from artisans, crafters, jewelers, non-profits and general retailers are set up along the boardwalk with the entertainment settled in front of the Welcoming Figures providing for wonderful views from all areas.  As the name implies all visitors to the event are bound to enjoy magical sun sets over the Somass River and during low tides the added value of wildlife, including bears, is quite possible for additional enjoyment.

This year we have secured more entertainment options and of course we’re planning for more vendors. The market through its 2013 debut was well received by the Port Alberni community with comments such as  “Thank you so much, Port Alberni needs a market like this” and “The Victoria Quay is the perfect place for this market”. As a participant, whether a vendor or community member, you could feel the community pride and excitement. The Chamber of Commerce and Hupacasath First Nation are pleased to offer this summer long event to all residents, visitors and travelers in Port Alberni. Our longer term plan is for continued growth and exposure thus providing our vendors with fantastic growth opportunities for years to come.

Visit to register. For more information on becoming a vendor or entertainer, please contact the market coordinator, Jolleen Dick at 250-724-4041 or email